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Hello and thank you for your interest in Photography By Brandie LLC!

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My name is Brandie.  I am a portrait, newborn, maternity, family and boudoir photographer.  I am a lover of photography; I always have been.  I love to capture the moment.  The expression, the feeling, the intimacy, the personality, the laughter, the youth, the life and the beauty.  It's all there.  It always has been.  Whether you can see it or not.

Sometimes we move so fast that we miss the special moments.  We don't take the time to just stop and feel sun on our skin.  Time waits for no one, but a picture can bring you back there.  

It is not just about stopping to appreciate the small things, it is also about realizing that you are enough.  You are perfect just the way you are. So many people have self esteem issues, always comparing themselves to society's "standard of perfection".  I'm not perfect, I do it too.  But we need to let go and remember that everyone is unique. 

Don’t let the way you perceive yourself stop you from existing in photos today.  Don’t say “When I lose 10 lbs we will get those family pictures done.”  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  From where I stand, beauty and kindness is everywhere.  And if you’re child or family member is looking at those pictures in 10 years, they will see the love and beauty that I see, not the 10 lbs you think they see.

I strongly believe that pictures should be printed to be proudly displayed and therefore do not offer strictly digital files.  All prints purchased will come with their high resolution digital file on a disc, but you can not purchase digital files alone. Each picture is individually retouched prior to viewing, and so I consider each picture a piece of art.

I wish you could see what I see.  It is so beautiful.

So come and see what I see.  See the beauty, the light, the love. Learn to love yourself, because it is hard living with someone you don't love.


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