Spring in Afternoon Light

Every year since 2016 a mama bird returns to its nest in the eve of my house. Every year its’ babies don’t all make it. Sadly they get kicked out of the nest too early be it from the mom or a predator and I find them on my deck. Last year I was able to rescue a fledgling and give it to a rehabber. That little guy was the first out of 7 or 8 babies to be saved. 

I really thought this year the babies were going to make it. I watched mama working so hard flying out and about and always returning to her nest. But yesterday I found three babies, not even 24-48 hours old on my deck again. I buried them with the other bird babies under a tree in my yard. 

I made this still life a few days ago, before I found her babies on my deck again. I found an empty egg on my roof last weekend and the birds nest I found on deck months ago. All of the branches are from the same tree in my yard. The pussy willows are from late winter/early spring. The pussy willows bloom into weird fluffy flowers and then the branches get the leaves also shown in the picture. This is the same tree I bury the baby birds under every spring.

I titled it “Spring in afternoon light”.  Maybe next year her babies will make it. Or maybe she still has one in her nest this year…

Still Life: Spring in Afternoon Light

Still Life: Spring in Afternoon Light

What is a "Fresh 48" Session?

Although I’ve personally never had a child, I have heard from many mothers how fast time goes by, especially after the baby is born. This session is called a “Fresh 48” because this session is done within the first 48 hours of the baby being born. This is a great alternative to birth photography which is where a photographer comes in to document the birth of the baby. For those bothered by or uncomfortable with the intimate nature of birth photography, this is a great alternative.

This session can be done in the hospital or at home, depending on where you’re located at the time. During this session we’ll capture the special moments and details you’ll want to remember forever. Baby toes, baby fingers, baby smiles. Their big yawn or snuggles in Mom and Dad’s arms.

This session usually lasts between 1-2 hours which might sound like a long time to some but this allows for the session not to be rushed. Mothers are moving slowly at this time and the baby might need to be fed, changed or calmed. If you are thinking about this type of session, reach out to me to discuss more details

Thank you to Jessica and Devin for letting me share Sawyer’s Fresh 48!