Must. Create.

Sometimes you get this urge to create and it just consumes your thoughts until you do.  This usually happens with me. Now, I may not be the most creative person out there but I try.  With this last creative project I had been itching to use a dress I purchased from Hazel and Olive Boutique.  Beautiful and flowy.   It just reminded me of the Pride and Prejudice era which I've always like.  

It was rather chilly in CT and the leaves were all half alive and half dead, but we trekked up to a mountain in a neighboring town in a dress to find a rock we have previously seen on a hike that I thought would be perfect for some shots.  I was trying to go for a dark fairytale inspired look.   

Often times you are called upon to be the heroine in your own story. All you dream of is conquering those dragons. Beauty doesn’t wait for the end of the story. The fight is dark, haunting, and beautiful. And it’s yours.

That is the story that my beautiful model Amanda and I, see from it..but what story does it tell you?

Leave a comment with the story that you see in it.