I LOVE what I do.

In the summer of 2012  I bought my first camera for $300.  It was a Nikon D30.
My friend Laney had bought it to take pictures of her children, but had hardly picked it up and decided to part with it.  I was still in college at the University of New Haven and didn’t get to use it very much at first. During the six months I spent job searching after graduation, I came back to the camera. 

I started taking pictures of the things I found beautiful - clouds, flowers, and animals.  Soon after, I started dabbling in portraits.  I found that I was able to see the world a little differently than others seemed to see it.  When I began working as a Project Manager at an engineering company, I felt lucky to be working in the field I majored in. However, it didn’t take many hours at the desk to realize that my passion was really for photography. 

In the evenings after work I would watch educational videos online to build my skills and learn as much as I could. I started learning Photoshop and Lightroom and filled up my apartment with makeshift backdrops, varying crates, and baskets full of lace, faux fur, and silk flowers (which my roommate did not appreciate). In Febraury of 2015 I decided it was time to turn my hobby into a business.  

Now, I get to do my dream job. I am building memories for clients: maternity and tiny newborns, families, seniors, and pets. I feel so privileged to capture these moments and show my clients their very best self.

Perhaps the best part of my job is meeting so many special people during important moments in their lives. Capturing these irreplaceable experiences on film remains one of the greatest pleasures in my business and in my life.  I truly look forward to creating unique, personal photography with you to remind you of the important milestones in your life for years to come. 
I wish you could see what I see.  It’s so beautiful.
Photography By Brandie_Benny and a Bouquet