Just Out of Reach

When I first started photography, it was point and shoot, download to a computer and apply a filter that made it look best and I'm done.  Soon after I started realizing a large part of digital photography was the post production.  It was Lightroom, Photoshop and other software like Alienskin Exposure.  Post production opened up a new world of possibility to me.  You can digitally manipulate EVERYTHING.  I'm mostly self taught in my PS skills.  I've taken some classes here and there like, Dani Diamonds retouching class (birthday gift to myself) and many Creative Live classes ( affordable teaching courses on so many different topics! Awesome for any aspiring photographer) but I'm still no PS expert.  Regardless, I try and play around, as that's how you learn.  And that's just what I did on this shoot.

A while ago I bought a frosted vinyl sheet from Joann Fabrics.  I've been dying to use it but the inspiration hadn't come to me yet...until it did.  I set up my vinyl sheet on my backdrop holder outside in the evening light in my backyard.  Bags of yardwaste waiting to go to the dump to the right and our cars to the left.  It was a bit windy so we had to secure the vinyl to the holder as best we could just started to shoot.  I had my models back to the sun so she was silhouetted in front of the vinyl.  The closer you are to the sheet, the more in focus, and the further away you are the more blurry and the more drop off you have.

When you look at the back of my camera, it certainly doesn't look like much if you don't already have a vision in mind. 

Photography By Brandie LLC_SOOC-1046-3.jpg


I could see where this was going and I loved it!  I wanted abstract.  I wanted the feeling of just being out of reach.  The feeling that you know someone is there, but you don't know who.  When I felt I got enough shots, I cleaned up and went right up to my office to start retouching and playing around.  One thing I learned, the process of retouching would be LOADS easier if I had gotten the wrinkles and creases out of the vinyl sheet before starting.  But after a lot of fooling around in Photoshop, this is what came to be...and I love it.  The colors, the painterly feel, the anonymity of it all.  It's exactly what I had imagined! 

Let me know what you think in the comments section!


Photography By Brandie LLC_Frosted Vinyl Sheet.JPG