Imagine a world where you have a list of topics to blog about...yet you have nothing to blog about all at the same time.  GO FIGURE.  Blogging is hard. Blogging means you have to put your thoughts, work or opinions out there. I mean it's no different than Facebook in that sense... but if you notice I haven't been blowing that up lately either.  As it turns out, THERE ARE PEOPLE OUT THERE WHO MIGHT NOT LIKE WHAT I HAVE TO SAY OR LIKE MY WORK...OR BOTH... This runs through my head every time I think about how much I haven't blogged.  So screw it. I'm going to blog.  I'm going to show off my work because I'm proud of it (and so you know I haven't been just sitting around since November!)

So from my prepared list, I choose... Personal Projects!  Let's dive right into the very fitting category of Vulnerability!  I did a shoot with my beautiful muse, assistant and cousin, with the goal of Emotion.  All we had to do was drink some wine, listen to Adele and reminisce some previous relationships and it suddenly became significantly easier to reach that goal.

Just tap on the pictures below to see more from the shoot.

An interesting thing about emotion is people’s strength in hiding the things they don’t possess the courage to face. Allowing our vulnerabilities to show often means risking being hurt even more. While our hearts crumble away, we wear smiles and force laughs, but these actions do not strengthen our souls. Allowing ourselves to become transparent forces us to see behind the curtain, and connect to a deeper place. By capturing these raw moments, we not only open ourselves up to meaningful connections, but we capture a place in time that we will hopefully be able to look back on, and wonder how it ever hurt so much. Life may not look beautiful right now. But when it finally does, we will begin to appreciate the pain that we can not yet understand.

Being vulnerable means different things to different people.  I'm vulnerable for showing you my work and therefore leaving myself open to harsh criticism.  My muse was vulnerable because she was being photographed, nearly crying (ALL FOR THE ART OF IT) while sitting on a stool draped in shear black cloth.  We can do everything we want to shy away from it, (like not blogging in 4 months)...  But in the end, if we aren't vulnerable at some point in our life, we are doing something mighty wrong.

So HERE'S TO BLOGGING AND PUTTING YOURSELF OUT THERE!  Now if you don't mind I'll put myself back out there in another 4 months. JUST KIDDING. MAYBE NOT.  You won't know until so you see it so keep your eyes peeled!

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