Sweets to the sweet.

Over the summer I came across a tag sale in town.  I stopped by because I LOVE me a good tag sale, and it was like someone cleaned out your grandmothers house from the 60's.  Everything was an antique, and it all was CHEAP.  My cousin Amanda came with me and we came across this vintage wedding dress they were selling for $20.  Our first thought?  PHOTOSHOOT.

Amanda talked the sellers and was able to talk them down from $20 to $10.  They accepted the offer because they liked the idea that it was going to art.  So the dress sat in my basement for around two months until the inspiration came. OPHELIA.

Ophelia by John Everett Millais (1852)

Ophelia by John Everett Millais (1852)


I had seen another photographer recreate the old painting by John Everett Millais and thought this is the perfect dress to do that with!  It's a cool dress, but it's not my favorite...but it will look GREAT under some water!

Amanda came over and I spent maybe 15 minutes doing her makeup and I bought some beautiful $6 Gladiolas from a farm stand up the road, and we trekked out to the Scantic on a cloudy day.  We probably looked ridiculous carrying a wedding dress and a bouquet of flowers, but the result was well worth it.

We scouted some locations at the Scantic River with the main criteria being that the water wasn't moving so fast that it would sweep away all the flowers we put down. After a while we found the perfect spot! In case you're wondering what the dress looked like above water...

Beautiful flower crown courtesy of Patty Paris.

Beautiful flower crown courtesy of Patty Paris.

Amanda does not look enthused to go lay in a cold river!  But she did without fuss, so we spread out her dress...

Photography By Brandie LLC_-2891.jpg

Threw some more flowers into the water...

Photography By Brandie LLC_-2910.jpg

And made some magic happen...





While we were shooting a few guys walked by and yelled that she looked like an angel that fell from heaven... she plays the part pretty well!  

I am so so thrilled with how these turned out!  I hope you like them as well



Exist in Pictures

Sometimes you want to shoot and the only person you have to photograph is yourself.  So cue me, at 9'oclock at night in my old apartment in Hamden about three years ago.  I had a lamp that I literally knocked over on my dresser and it cast this dramatic light on my wall which I HAD to photograph.  So I threw on a full face of makeup, grabbed a sheer piece of fabric, put a self timer on my camera and just went for it.  I didn't know what I was going to come up with, but I knew no one would see the bad pictures (and there were plenty of those!)

Looking through these now, some of them are my favorites.  I think back to what I thought of myself at that point.  I didn't have a healthy relationship with my body.  I was at my thinnest (due to a solid gym routine) and I remember when taking these pictures I still thought I could stand to lose 10 more pounds.  I know I'm not alone in that mindset as there are so many people who believe the same.  

But we can't all wait until we lose those 10 pounds before we step in front of the camera.  You have to go for it.  Do it even though your scared or nervous.  Take the self portrait, or take the family pictures with your kids.  Get your own portraits done.  Just EXIST IN PICTURES.

Photography By Brandie LLC_--2.jpg
Photography By Brandie LLC_--9.jpg